Is yoga good for self-esteem?


Yoga helps you understand what you are and the world around you. It is very useful for self-realization and boosting your energy. The word yoga means union. Your union with the Lord almighty. Though the forms of yoga have changed with time. It was for the spiritual leaders in the past and practiced only by those who did meditation. But now there are other forms of yoga also. The latest in trend and liked by the youngsters is the power yoga. Yoga is believed to have been around for thousands of years. In India, it is believed to be 15000 years old when it was practiced by Adi yogi, also known as the first human or god himself. There are many stories related to the evolution of yoga, but there is no proof.

   ● Relation of yoga to religion

Though yoga has been mostly related to Hindu or Hinduism, yoga is not confined to any religion. It was also associated with spirituality alone, hence believed to be a part of religion. But, it can be practiced by anyone or anywhere. The Indian texts or Vedas are having a mention of the ancient forms of yoga. Mention of yoga can be seen in the texts related to Jainism and Buddhism. These days yoga is being used to lose weight as well as stay fit. Yoga is proven to be more effective than weight training or going to the gym. It helps relax the brain and mind from all the work done in the day. Or practiced in the morning to keep you energized and positive the whole day.

   ● Why should one practice yoga?

Our minds and body are occupied and exerting every day. They are so busy. The busy life leaves very little scope to relax and heal the body and mind. In this little gap that we have in our schedule, we must try and fit in yoga. It will help rejuvenate the brain and mind. Yoga helps restore the balance between work and health. Yoga helps the person to relax and connect with the inner self. It gives you a chance to ponder upon the way you live. Doing regular yoga keeps a person active and alert. When accompanied by meditation yoga has great benefits.

   ● Noted benefits of yoga:

Healthy body

Yoga helps you get a healthy body. Yoga helps maintain physical fitness for many years. If practiced daily you can have a healthy and problem-free long life. Yoga is known to increase the strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility of the body. Many athletes have started using yoga daily. It helps them recover from injury and also prevents further injury. The joints become more flexible and there are less wear and tear in the muscles. Stretching poses of yoga helps make the body ready for any challenge that may come your way. Swimmers, cyclists, and many other athletes use yoga for training purposes. It helps improve their performance.

Manage stress and relax:

 Yoga practice can help you deal with stress, it is not just physical stress but also mental stress. The nervous system is overburdened due to the work pressure, or chores at home. These days even kids have the pressure of studies. You can try yoga as a family activity and see it will help everyone. Yoga allows you to unwind and relax. You will feel refreshed from within. It helps with the problem of high blood pressure and heart issues. Taking deep breaths makes your lungs stronger. Yoga also helps reduce insomnia as it induces good sleep. When the mind and body are relaxed you will get better sleep and for long hours. Yoga also has a scope of spiritual enlightening if done in a proper pattern.

   ● Different poses of yoga:

There are many different poses in yoga. All are not to be done by everyone. You can look for those that suit you. Here are a few suggestions below:

Viniyoga -these poses mainly focus on breathing and meditation. It is suggested for people with limited mobility. It can also be done by those who want to work from the inside out. We mean it helps experience relaxation, better posture, and body awareness.

Iyengar – these poses have a combination of standing and seated postures. It is best done with the help of props. It is suggested for people who want to recover correct posture, alignment,  and gain muscular power and increase their range of movement.

Jivanmukti – these poses incorporate meditation, chanting, compassion,  and deep listening. It is suggested for those people who want to awaken the spiritual elements. Ancient yoga helps in gaining body awareness, improving relationships, and even learning Sanskrit.

Vinyasa – these are poses that help in synchronization of movement with breath. They are slower poses.

Hatha – these yoga poses use the breathing techniques to align and calm the body, mind, and spirit while preparing for meditation. These are done at a slow pace but staying in the same pose seems difficult in the beginning.


Though there are many different types of yoga, you will still see something common. That is the healing from within. There is a relation of inner conscience with yoga. You can not do any pose heartlessly. Even those who do power yoga with music feel a connection with their inner soul. It helps a person become aware of the surroundings and feels the presence of supreme power. It will not only make you physically strong but also help you become mentally stable. You can handle stress very well. The patients of depression have recovered faster with the use of yoga. Begin with the help of an instructor and make the most of your time. Regular practice can make you perfect in the poses. Yoga can be done in open spaces close to nature. When done in a peaceful environment, it has greater benefits. You can do it along with the whole family and have quality time together.