Effects of exercise on the body systems


In the busy lifestyle we all lead today, most of us tend to neglect fitness. We must try to stay fit in the same routine. Make a few small changes on the same daily routine and see the positive effects. You can walk while you talk on the phone. Do two minutes stretching when you get up to go to the washroom. Eat small quantities, more number of times. If possible add yoga or gyming. You can also try meditating. Mental, as well as physical fitness, is important to have a superb day.

Some of the ways of staying fit daily

An active lifestyle keeps diseases away and makes you feel energized. Almost everyone can engage in some sort of physical exercise. The best way of keeping the mind and body in shape is by being physically active. Exercising and staying fit have a lot of positive outcomes to it and by staying fit, you also increase your productivity. You can join a gym, try out yoga, or simply do some home exercises for staying fit and healthy.

Preventing muscle loss

As one gets older, the bodies tend to build muscles less efficiently and there can be a break in muscles frequently. That is why regular exercise becomes the best part at the times of aging. Exercising not only helps in increasing the muscle mass but it also helps in improving it. It helps in keeping metabolism high and gives strength and endurance for completing everyday tasks. This can be a life-changing experience for older adults.


Decreasing the risk of dementia

Researchers have found that staying fit can increase the chances of the mind to function properly longer. This in turn decreases the risk of dementia and helps in improving the cognitive function in elder people. Enrolling in dance classes can also turn out to be beneficial as it helps in increasing memory, concentrating, and focusing on better things in life. Dementia is a problem mostly in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 

Improving sex life

Having all muscles actively helps in promoting the endocrine glands to produce more hormones. With more hormones, the stimulation to produce androgens also increases helping men and women to maintain their sexual level properly. It improves sex life and helps one to be fit and healthy. Emotional feelings also seem to be greater when you exercise. Thus fitness has positive effects on your relationship. 

Helps in improving sleep pattern

Many experts have recommended that you must exercise daily and but not just before going to sleep. When you sleep better at night, it improves the immune functioning of your body and also lowers the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and other diseases.


Reducing blood pressure

Hypertension is the leading reason for heart disease. Hypertension is caused by increasing plaque in the arteries that happens due to the consumption of a fat full diet. Exercising helps in lowering blood pressure and helps reduce plaque in the arteries. With the arteries widening, blood flows freely to the heart and all other parts of the body. The stronger your heart gets, the better it can pump blood through the arteries, reducing the problem of blood pressure in people. 

The building of aerobic power

Aerobic power is the ability of the body to work at the maximum capacity by getting oxygen to the body's tissues from time to time.  People lose around 1% of aerobic power every year from the body and by the age of 40, people lose around 30% of their aerobic power. Short term exercises show that you are losing aerobic power only by half, i.e. 15% so this keeps the body strong and people tend to live longer years. 

Boosting of memory

The effects of exercising also help in boosting up of cognitive functioning in the body. Studies have proven that regular exercise helps to keep the neurons in shape. A moderate level of walking can also boost the brain's memory center by maintaining its health and vitality. Enhancing memory also leads to the lowering of cortisol with the stress hormone. This leads to improvement in the mood and stress levels that you can experience from regular workouts. 

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It is so much fun

If you need some inspiration and motivation in life, then you can exercise regularly. You will have a good time exercising alone or with a group of friends or with strangers. Once you get active and it becomes a routine, then it turns out to be rewarding for your fitness. Exercising also leads to enhancing the quality of your life. 

Lowering of anxiety

With the levels of endorphins increasing in your body, the level of worry and anxiety also starts diminishing from the body. When you exercise, you refocus your attention away from worries and concentrate more on the happy and positive things in life. You can gain a fresh perspective towards life by taking a form of exercise break. When dealing with these daily problems, you approach with more renewed energy and this gives new ways of finding solutions in life. 

Keeping bones strong

Bones can get thinner and brittle quickly and the way to maintaining healthy bones is exercising. There are specific forms of exercises for developing bone strength and provide resistance training while lifting weights. The level of resistance depends on the bone type and age and you can increase bone health by drinking gallons of milk. You have to spend at least 1 hour at the gym for carrying out strenuous weight lifting for reaching to the maximum potential. 

Conclusion :

So put on your sneakers, take out your yoga mat, and call the yoga teacher for asking about all the new yoga positions that lead you to stay fit. No matter what is your age, but exercise can help one in achieving great mental and physical fitness. Staying fit is not as difficult as it seems. Go on and try it.