What types of healthcare services can be provided in a patient's home?


It is essential for a person to stay healthy. But many people cannot take care of themselves, they need assistance. Healthcare has developed into an industry where nurses and doctors take care of the patients. It can be done in a hospital or a formal setup, while the facility is available at their own home as well. The number of old people staying alone has increased due to the nuclear family set up. The elderly are prone to having chronic diseases such as diabetes, impairments, problems with mobility, etc. It gets very difficult to manage even small household activities. The health care assistant can take care of the person and also help in small household activities.  

      Why should you choose a healthcare person?

Parents and children are staying in different cities or countries, this is a very common scene. Due to the work pressure or even for studies the children may not be able to find time for their parents. In this case, the healthcare helpers can perform the duties. It is a safe and affordable solution for the whole family. While the patient is getting care the other families can also stay assured that he/she is in good hands. Even in the need of emergency, this health care assistant can call the doctor so that there is no delay in treatment. 

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Reasons for hiring a health care professional 

      1: They are always available

when the family members are not able to take care of their elderly, at that time these home health care assistance are of use. These assistants are very trained and qualified professionals. They know all the safety rules and undertake corrective measures at home. They take care of small details as well such as placing a rug on a slippery floor, keeping sharp edges covered, hiding away the food which is bad for the patient. Last but not least they can call a doctor or ambulance when required. 

      2: Household chores

These health care assistants not only take care of the medical needs of the patient but also help in the daily routine activities. It helps maintain and preserve the dignity of the person. They can also run down to a superstore to buy some essential goods. These assistants can help in daily activities such as bathing, grooming, cleaning of the house laundry, etc.

      3: Skilled nurses: 

The healthcare assistant who is employed is a generally skilled medical care professional. In case of an emergency, they are able to perform small procedures at home itself. It is very useful in saving the life of your loved one, even before the ambulance arrives. 

      4: Take care of diet and nutrition

The elderly who are bound to stay indoors need a balanced and nutritious diet. These health care professionals are trained to make dishes that suit the age group. They also take care of the medicines being taken so as to give food on time. They consult the dietitian and prepare dishes accordingly. They serve tea, coffee, fruits, juices, and other small snacks as prescribed by the dietitian. They take care of the patient by giving them home-cooked nutritious food. 

      5: Medication on time

Taking medicines on time is very essential for the health of the patient. If the medicines are missed multiple times it can even be fatal. To avoid any confusion these healthcare assistants make a timetable and note down the medicines administered. It helps them keep a record of the medicines given and the stock remaining. They refresh the medicines as and when required according to the prescription. 

      6: Companionship

The elderly are suffering from loneliness these days. There is no or less social interaction with others. As most of them are confined to the room it is very seldom they get to meet friends. Firstly these health care assistants live in the house of your elderly person giving them company. They also take them out for a walk around the corner where they can meet their old friends. They can play games or entertain your elderly while taking care of their daily routine life. 

      7: Better services: 

It is better to keep a health care assistant along with your elderly person at their home rather than sending them for regular checkups on a daily basis. These individuals can update and stay live with the doctor from the home. In cases such as pneumonia or any other disease which needs daily monitoring, it helps the doctor stay in touch with the patient at all time. 

      8: Personal attention

The patient get's one to one attention. If this was to be in an old age home there would be many people together. The ratio of patient to attendants is way more than one to one. The healthcare professional is dedicated to serving your patient only. They cook food, do shopping, and the care given at their own home. This is more comfortable than staying in another place. The patient has been attached to this home all their life. 

      9: Affordable: 

If you were to keep multiple help for daily chores and other activities such as taking to the doctor or buying groceries. It would have cost you a hefty amount. Employing this single healthcare person at home is not only best for the patient but for you as a family as well. 


Hiring a health care person for your patient is the best option. They shall receive personalized care by a skilled professional at the comfort of their own home. They have emotional attachments to this environment and have a better chance of recovery. The problem of loneliness is also taken care of. It also helps maintain their dignity while their daily chores are being attended too. In case of any emergency, you shall not have to rush to the house immediately. The doctor and the ambulance shall be there before you reach.