How do I keep a positive mindset at all times?                                      


There are so many stressful situations around the world. You must try to stay positive and spread happiness which is seldom found. There are mixed reactions to each situation. Try to look at the good side of it. Stay inspired to do well. Stay connected with your loved ones and spread unity. Talk to people, tell them about your feelings, and listen to them. Try to have a positive mindset all the time.

The situation today:

When you talk to people, there is certain negativity that you can feel in them. Whether it is about their lives, sports, news, or simply regarding anything, people are increasing their negative attitude towards life. If you remain negative most of the time, you will see that your mind is seeking all negativities around. Your approach towards life matters a lot and the mantra that &think positive vibes& mean a lot. You have to take positivity to a greater level.

10 tips on developing a long-lasting positive mindset-How do you keep a positive mindset everyday

 Some of the tips of doing this are listed as under:

1- Celebrating small wins:

 One of the reasons for not maintaining positive thinking is that people think they are not doing enough. You are working very hard in life and celebrating all the small things is equally essential. If you have got fine grades in your assignments,  you have won a sports match or got your next promotion, no one can stop you from celebrating small wins. A win is a win and you should always praise yourself for winning wholeheartedly. 

2. Living in the moment

Many people are living in the past and when you are doing that, you are boring people by telling them about your yesteryears. Also, if you plan of living in the future, you tend to underutilize your time and only think about how great things could have been. It is important to keep a balance between past and future and live in the present. If you are living in today, you will be able to grow your relationships and keep things on track. Be aware of what is happening at the moment and be satisfied with it.

3. Practicing gratitude

when you practice gratitude, it reduces self-esteem, stress, and also enhances the ability to think of the future. Think of all the moments that bring you joy or the kind of happiness you are desiring. You can thank your co-worker for helping you with a project, or even a loved one for doing everything they do for you. Give unconditional love to others to be able to receive unconditional love. 

4. Focusing on the good things

Facing challenges is a part of life and when you are facing troubles, then sometimes good thoughts might not come into your mind. If you are looking for it, then you can find the proverbial silver lining in the cloud. Though, it might not happen immediately. Even if you are facing problems, try focusing on the good outcome and everything will be good in your life. 

5. Meditate daily: 

There will be bad days in your life and on those days, take to meditating and controlling your mind and soul. Meditation helps you in focusing on things that are good for you and detach you from the wrong ones. Meditation is just simple, where you simply have to sit in a relaxed posture and close your eyes for concentrating on the inner self. Avoid over-thinking on things you cannot control. Visualize the happiness that you already have. 

6. Hanging with positive people

If you stay with negative minded people, then you also tend to think negative and you can't do anything well. While staying with positive people, you tend to think on a higher note and they also influence you into thinking to do better. If you are yourself a positive thinker, then you can actively seek the group into making decisions and sticking by the positive group. It is not easy and some things might take a lot of time but the journey is worth it. If someone is struggling to get positive thoughts, take up activities, and ask them to join a group. 

7. Taking a break: 

on a routine day, you are doing the same things regularly. This can turn out to be boring and at that point, negative thoughts can come up in your mind. For having a positive mindset, you need to take a break from the monotonous lifestyle. You can go for a vacation to re-energize yourself and come back to the track. While taking a break, do something unique and extravagant or you can also do simple things like listening to music, going out for movies, watching the sunset, etc.. 

8. Love yourself

One of the greatest ways of having a positive mindset is by loving yourself. Think of all the little things that give you happiness and do it often. When you love what you do, you end up having a good and easy day. On the other side, if you don't like what you are doing, then you will be having a very boring day.

9. Reading a book

Books are invaluable sources of positive energy. If you enjoy reading, you can take a book and go into its world of positivity. If you are unsure of which book is helpful to you, then you can consult the bookstore keeper to know the right book you want to purchase.

10. Smile often

A smile can go a long way for inculcating positivity in you. When smiling, you exercise your facial muscles, and smiling makes it easy for others to talk to you and you will find people opening up to you well. 


You cannot wake up a day and think about being positive. Positivity comes with practice and there will always be room for improvement and being better human beings. More than loving others, first you have to love yourself, and only then you can be happy. Read some positive thoughts book for that change in your life. Go out of the routine and mundane life for bringing the excitement back to your life.