What are massages good for?


Different massage types focus on different healing approaches and body parts. Massage is the act of kneading and rubbing someone's body using hands. Massage therapists do the practice by applying either strong or gentle pressure on the body joints and muscles. You can use it to ease tension and pain on your body. Are you wondering about which type of massage therapy will suit you? Read on for more.


      1- Swedish massage

Swedish is a whole-body gentle massage type. It is best for individuals who are:

        ●  Sensitive to touch

        ●  Newbie to massage

        ●  Need to ease tension

If you want to relax fully while on a massage, you can choose this type. It also helps in releasing muscle knots. You will have to remove clothes for a Swedish massage. Although you can remain with your underwear. The therapist will cover you using a sheet as you lie on the massage bed. He will be uncovering the sheet little by little while working on your body. This massage practice involves a combination of

        ● Tapping and vibration

        ● Deep circular waves

        ● Flowing and long strokes towards the heart

        ●  Kneading

         ●  Passive joint motion techniques.

Swedish massage can last between 60 and 90 minutes. If you are new to massage and want to manage minor pain or relax, this one will work for you.

        2 - Hot stone massage

If you want to get rid of tension or muscle pain you can have a hot stone massage. It is also ideal for individuals who want to achieve a relaxed state. The practice resembles Swedish massage only that this time the therapist will use heated stones and hands. The heated stones help in relieving pain, improving blood flow, and easing muscle tension. Moreover, you can relieve stress using this type of massage therapy. Your therapist will be using Swedish massage skills applying gentle pressure while working on different parts of your body. Sometimes they use cold stones. The hot stone massage takes 90 minutes and is expensive compared to Swedish massage.

      3 - Aromatherapy massage

If you are more into emotional healing, you cannot go wrong with an aromatherapy massage. It helps in boosting your moods, reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. Aromatherapy can also relieve pain and ease muscle tension. The therapist uses essential oils applying gentle and soft pressure. Any essential oils will work, but if you have your preferences, you can ask your therapist. It involves your whole body, though a times Aromatherapy focusses on your shoulders, head, and back. You will be using a diffuser to absorb the essential oils via your skin. You can only have your underwear on, which is also optional. An Aromatherapy massage session will take between 60 and 90 minutes.

      4 - Deep tissue massage

This type of massage involves applying more pressure compared to Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage is the best option for individuals with muscle conditions like imbalances, injury, and soreness. It helps in relieving tight muscles, anxiety, and muscle pain. While at it, the therapist uses deep finger pressure and slow strokes to get rid of tension in your connective and muscle tissues. You can decide to be naked or have your underwear on during the massage. Although it is an intense practice, you will not feel any soreness or pain. The session takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

      5 - Sports massage

This is the best massage for an individual with repetitive muscle injuries, similar to those that you get when playing sports. If you are susceptible to injuries, this option will be best for you. It can help in preventing sports-related injuries. It can also improve your performance and flexibility. Moreover, sports massage will help relieve muscle tension, anxiety, and pain. A massage therapist can do a whole-body Sports massage or aim at the areas that need more attention.

Depending on what you need, your therapist may alternate deep pressure with comforting strokes. You can be naked or have your clothes on while on a Sports massage session. However, you will have to wear loose and thin clothes that will allow your therapist to reach your entire muscles. It will take between 60 and 90 minutes.

      6 - Reflexology

If you are looking to gain back your natural energy through a relaxing massage, Reflexology will work best. It is the best practice for individuals who find whole-body touches uncomfortable. This massage type involves firm to gentle pressure on various points of your body including ears, hands, and feet. You can wear comfortable clothes that will allow your therapist to access the various body parts with ease. A reflexology massage will take 30 to 60 minutes.

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      7 - Shiatsu massage

This is a good massage for those looking to feel relaxed and relieve tension, pain, and stress. It originated from Japan and it can help in

        ● Reducing muscle tension

        ● Relieving headache

        ● Relieving anxiety, depression, and stress.

         ● Promoting physical and emotional relaxation

This is a whole-body massage though your practitioner can put his attention on specific parts of your body. The therapists use palms, thumbs, and hands during practice. Rhythmic or pulsing pressure gives the required results. You can decide to have your clothes on during the Shiatsu massage. It takes 60 to 90 minutes.

      8 - Thai massage

Thai massage works best for those who need an active massage to relieve stress and pain. It also improves blood circulation, flexibility, and raising energy levels. Thai massage focuses on the whole body using movements similar to yoga stretching. You massage the therapist user fingers and palms to apply strong pressure. Be prepared for various body twists and stretches. It takes 60 to 90 minutes.

      9 - Couple's massage

This is the type of massage where you share the massage room with your partner, friend, or family. You can choose your ideal massage type at this session from the many available. Most individuals prefer a hot stone and Swedish massages in this case.


Massage practices can help to boost your moods both emotionally, mentally, and physically. Try different therapists and massage types to find the one that will work for you. It is advisable to keep communicating with your therapist during the exercise. Speak up whenever you are not comfortable with anything. Consult your doctor for any health concern before trying massage.