What is the fastest way to kick start a healthy lifestyle?

Everyone wants to look younger. Live healthier and longer. Spend more time in recreational and social activities. But what if you get sick. Your time spent more on the bed rather than enjoying life. The expensive bills for your medical care turning your chances of buying a new car turn into an impossibility. What about the plans you had for getting repairs in the house. Or that plan for buying a new TV, a new gaming pc, or even a great audio system. If only you had saved money for your next big thing. Who knew because of the unhealthy lifestyle, you just lost it. Its still time to change.

What makes a person healthy,How do you start a healthy lifestyle

Why do you must have a healthy lifestyle?

Gain energy to complete more work at home and on the job. Build great stamina. Have more leisure time. Enjoy hanging out with friends more. Spend a long time working out at the gym. Visit a swimming pool nearby. Relax listening to your favorite tunes while walking in a park. Join yoga and aerobics classes. Have more free time. Exercise daily and fix a particular time of day for this. An unhealthy lifestyle leads to early deaths. Healthy habits do matter. There are five things you can do to live a healthier lifestyle. 

   1- Eat healthy foods

You are what you eat. Eat a potato to turn into one. Humor aside, an unhealthy diet means unhealthy you. Besides, why waste money on junk food to get more fat. Drink cold fizzy drinks to gain weight. Eat a lot of unhealthy snacks to increase the chances of getting diabetes. Have cakes and doughnuts to become obese. What's the alternative? What can you eat to get healthier?

■ Eat Vegetables

Eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of potassium, folate, vitamin C and A, and dietary fiber. Potassium helps to maintain blood pressure.

■ Eat Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are a great source of nutrients. They are full of vitamins and minerals. Different fruits have different nutrients to offer. Apples are a good source of fiber and antioxidants. Drink fresh fruit juice to boost your immune system.

 ■ Eat Dry Fruits

Dry fruits contain calcium and proteins. The bones need calcium to grow and get stronger. Better protein intake is necessary for good health.

■ Eat Dry Fruits

Dry fruits contain calcium and proteins. The bones need calcium to grow and get stronger. Better protein intake is necessary for good health.

      2 - Physical Activity

Increase your physical activities. Don't become a couch potato. Walking is considered a good exercise. The benefits of walking include healthier cardiovascular health. Increased oxygen supply to your blood. Stronger muscles and healthier bones. Less risk of having heart and angina attack. Diminish the chances of gaining extra weight. What to do to be physically active?

Play outdoor games with your friends. Have a more social life by playing football or tennis with your friends. You can play any sports games such as badminton, basketball, and squash. Join a camping trip. Go hiking with friends. Swimming is also good exercise. Join aerobics classes. Have fun doing karaoke with dancing. Dancing is also a good exercise. Do canoeing with friends or family. It is a great exercise. It is full of adventure and fun. While canoeing, you can do fishing also. 

      3 - Quit unhealthy habits

Throw cigarettes away

Its time to quit smoking when you know its health risks. Universally it's known to cause cancer and heart diseases. It does not end here. Smoking can cause all types of cancers. It restricts blood flow to your heart and veins causing bloating. Smoking attributes to obesity.

Stop drinking a lot

Don't become an alcoholic. It causes health diseases. Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to liver and stomach cancer. It can become a cause of heart attack also. When you are drunk, you make bad decisions. You lose more friends. Divorces and breakups are caused by making bad decisions.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are high in caffeine and sugar. They cause caffeine overdose. They also cause dehydration. Are highly addictive.

Sitting longer

Keeping still in one place for a long time strains your muscles. It causes joint and muscle injury. Move a lot. Stretch yourself whenever you can.

Why healthy habits are important?-What is the perfect daily routine?-What are 5 healthy lifestyles?

Going to sleep late at night

Sleep early and have a good night's sleep. A night of good sleep has many benefits. Yes, it makes you healthier. Improves your brain health. You get more energetic.

      4 -  Relax more

For a healthy lifestyle, you must relax. Give yourself a break after a hard day's work. Make up more free time for yourself. Enjoy life as much as you can. Spend more time with family and friends. If you don't get free time to relax, you will get depressed. Depression deteriorates your health. You remain sad for long periods. Work hard, but party harder. The more you are calm and relaxed, the better life decisions you will make. Most of all, your career will benefit. There are many benefits of relaxation.

Relaxing lowers your blood pressure

The blood pressure of a relaxed person stays normal. His heart functions better. Blood gets more oxygen supply.

Improves the digestion of food

So you get more nutrients. When you are in a relaxed state, your digestive system works better.

It keeps you happier. Makes you focused. Lets you sleep comfortably. You retain more energy to work more. Relaxation helps in reducing stress levels. 

A healthy lifestyle means a balance between mental health and physical health. You are nothing without a healthy heart and brain. You can not be successful in life if you are dull. You make bad choices and have bad habits. Eating nutritious food helps. It is to your advantage to have a healthy lifestyle. You avoid cancer and diabetes. Lower your chances of getting obese and unhealthy. Increase your life expectancy. The way you live your life matters. It not only affects you but also the people around you. For better living, live a healthy lifestyle.